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Re: Enterprise Pic

It's funny how today we laugh at past depictions of the flying future that depicted men flapping wings, isn't it?
And the "extrapolation" is more often then not off the mark. Since we don't have any flying cars, tubes that we use to teleport with ect. Way back in the 50's futurists were thinking we'd have fully automatic kitchens - I have yet to see that come to be.

What I'm saying is, if our past and present is any indication our future will likely look and feel more like Babylon 5 then Star Trek. There will be familiar methods of doing things.

And I do not "berate any and every post that asks the film to, you know... look futuristic." I do however expect a more grounded functional depiction of the future here. One that joe whomever will think ok that makes sense. Not something Jetsons like with technology overriding the human elements.

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