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Sharr Khan said:
It's old had and makes the ships look more like something our of the present and less like something out of the future.
I love statements like this, since they presume to know the shape of the future. Regretfully the best most reliably gauge for that is taking a glance at the past since the future is always rooted in it.

If scifi is supposed to be extrapolating (if? I'm not sure it does that very well...) then it should be taking its cues from the NOW.

Science fiction relies on extrapolation, the process of imagining relatively probable worlds of the future by utilizing logical extensions of scientific and cultural curves and trends.
The fact that you question the role of extrapolation in SF explains why you constantly berate any and every post that asks the film to, you know... look futuristic. To many moviegoers, "looks futuristic" will mean some effort put into logical extrapolation. Will it be "taking its cues from the NOW"? Sure. Just like the airplane took cues from birds.

It's funny how today we laugh at past depictions of the flying future that depicted men flapping wings, isn't it?
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