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Re: Q & A Query (SPOILERS)

Does your "Articles of the Federation" contradict the Shatnerverse (I truly hate that term, you know) novels, as far as "Captain's Blood" and "Captain's Glory" are concerned? It won't really matter, cause if I buy the book I will only be interested in a good story, but I would've appreciated some 'heads-up' about it, as I have, sorta, formulated my own continuity of what happened in Star Trek and all.
Well, Articles is consistent with the Titan books and, from what I understand, the Captain's Whozits trilogy isn't entirely consistent with Titan. *shrug* Either way, I doubt there are any active contradictions. Not really much overlap there either way...

Question: With the new film coming up and all, do you think that further novels from the TNG/DS9/VOY era will be made? I just wonder, as the new film may be set in an entirely new timeline/universe. What do you predict will be the future of that era of Star Trek novels will be?
I don't think anything significant is going to change. I can tell you that further novels in the 24th-century (and the 22nd, for that matter) will be told, as they are planned and scheduled for 2009 and beyond. The only thing that might change is TOS novels, but how much and in what way has yet to be announced.
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