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Cary L. Brown said:
InstantKarma said:
Arlo said:
From the few visual cues I can see, I have a feeling this design will *really* piss off the purists.
Good riddance.
Um, guys... is it REALLY NECESSARY to start getting nasty here?

This is ENTERTAINMENT, not "Holy Scripture." You're allowed to disagree, or to pick and choose what you like and don't like. And it's INSANE to rip into people over it.

Yet I'm seeing people here going into full-bore "nasty attacks" mode... WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING EVEN SAID ANYTHING TO ATTACK IN THE FIRST PLACE.

"Pre-emptive strikes," is that the idea?
-Gold medal with extra gold to you, Cary. I've always been struck here by the amount of posters who seem, not to want to share their opinion about Trek, or state positives in response to those who moan, but rather are looking for *any* excuse to lay into those they feel are (presumably) obsessives, geeks/nerds etc.

I appreciate these posters (not being specific about anyone here) want to prove 'yes I like Star Trek but I'm also a cool guy with a hot girlfriend, a nice job and an ace car - not like those NERDS who normally like Trek' - but there's better ways of going about it than looking to instantly attack those who may express criticisms, or anally retentive symptoms.

For what it's worth - I got into Star Trek because I did like the continuity of the series, 'canon' has some appeal for me. Still, as long as the new film sticks to the progressive ideals of Trek, and doesn't get too dark, then it should be good.

To me the ship looks like the Ent-A - which is fine by me as I like the design of that ship. It seems like this may make it a reboot though - oh well. The fact it seems to be being built on a planet seems slightly baffling to me. Surely it's easier to build it in space? And wouldn't it look more cinematic being built in space? I realise it's been done before so many times and maybe it being built planet-side is an attempt to make it stand out from other previous 'construction' sequences - but it's just a bit of a rubbish idea. Shouldn't they be using some sort of super-space laser tool rather than sparky welders like my old granddad used) to make a starship as well? ;-)
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