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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Official Teaser Online

Was bored so here's a YouTube mirror for the Tour video and a transcript:


Computer: Federation observers now assembled in Interstellar Cartography. Activating Engineering-Lab com link.

Crusher: Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Titan, I'm Assistant Chief Engineer Crusher.

Computer: Data transfer complete.

Crusher: Isolate computer core memory from holographic stasis. The Titan has been tasked for transferring sensitive tactical data that's too valuable to risk subspace transmission to Starfleet Command.

Computer: Holographic stasis stabilized. Core functions nominal.

Crusher: Engineering to Bridge, transfer complete, Captain. observers in place and ready for review.

Tuvok: Mr. Crusher, this is Commander Tuvok. Captain Riker remained aboard the proving station for debriefing. You may commence your review.

Crusher: Computer, access code zero two delta six nine. Visual analysis mode. Let's take a look at what we can.

Computer: Dimensional status display activated. U.S.S Titan -- NCC 80102, Luna class, 450 meters, launch date Earth year 2379, standard human and non-human crew of 350.

Crusher: This is amazing! This data stream includes tactical logs from virtually every Starfleet mission!

Tuvok: Bridge to Engineering. Cancel that review, Mr. Crusher. We just received a priority transmission from the Klingon High Council.

Crusher: Trouble, sir?

Tuvok: Unknown. The transmission was jammed before we could decode. As a precaution, secure the computer core while we investigate.

Crusher: Commander, with the data already in stasis, I don't think that's necessary. Aye, sir. Activating security protocols.

Computer: Core monitoring engaged.

Crusher: Prepare for systems isolation. What the Hell?

Tuvok: Mr. Crusher...

Crusher: I'm losing control. Something's wrong with the system. A viral code from external source.

Computer: Security alert. Computer core breached.

Tuvok: Tactical data...?

Crusher: It's streaming off-board. Someone's stealing it.

Computer: Facsimile alert; subspace disturbance.

Tuvok: On screen. Klingon Bird of Prey. Red alert. The High Council was trying to warn us. Shields up, evasive maneuvers.

Computer: Impulse engines compromised.

Tuvok: Mr. Crusher, I need control of the ship.

Crusher: The Klingon computer code is jamming our control memories.

Computer: Shields deactivating.

Tuvok: Switch to auxiliary power.

Crusher: Not possible. Isolinear circuits are cut off from the command processors.

Computer: Hull breach, deck seven.

Crusher: Commander, it might be time to retreat.

Tuvok: That is not the logical alternative at this time.

Crusher: The ship can't take much more.

Tuvok: Mr. Crusher, sometimes it's best to let your enemies defeat themselves.

Crusher: Sir?

Tuvok: These Klingons are brave enough to attack a Federation starship, but so over confident that they don't bother to cover their own tracks.

Crusher: The data stream! Of course! A parasitic code attached to the very data they're stealing would infect their own computer.

Tuvok: An obvious flaw in their strategy.

Crusher: I'm on it.

Computer: Shields deactivated.

Tuvok: And a delay would be a flaw of ours.

Crusher: Sending code. Transmission on.

Tuvok: Brace for impact. Mr. Crusher?

Crusher: Almost.

Tuvok: Mr. Crusher...

Crusher: Yes! Klingon shields deactivated! Commander, I'm neutralizing the Klingon virus. You've got control.

Tuvok: Diverting all power to weapons. On my mark... fire.

Computer: Klingon vessel destroyed.

Tuvok: Scan debris field for survivors. Damage control all decks. Cancel red alert. Well done, Mr. Crusher. I'm sure our guests appreciated their lesson in starship performance...? Now, one request please.

Crusher: Sir?

Tuvok: Secure the computer core.

Crusher: Securing now.

Tuvok: Helm, return to original course, warp four. And Mr. Crusher, please clear all non-essential personnel off the engineering decks.

Crusher: Yes, sir.

Crusher: Computer, initiate exit sequence.

Computer: Please gather all your belongings and exit through the open doors.

Crusher: Sorry for all the excitement, but there is no such thing as a routine Starfleet assignment. Crusher out.
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