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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

2of1million said:
To this day, I have never read Warped. It might be because of the bad reviews. I do have a copy of it which I bought for $1 at a library sale.
I was with a friend when we saw MMPB copies for $1 on a bargain table and I stopped her from buying it. On the next table we saw a pile of "Warped" in hardcover - for just $2 - and this time I had to offer her $2 from my own pocket if she didn't buy it.

Sounds mean to Mr Jeter, I know (but his royalties weren't forthcoming on remaindered stock anyway), but I dutifully paid full Australian hardcover price for my copy, when it was first released, and dutifully read it, and bought and listened to the audio as well (I'm a completist) - but it really was a dire reading experience, and even the abridged audio didn't help. I really wanted to like it. It was a ST hardcover, dammit.

Xeris said:
I have only read Engines of Destiny by Gene DeWeese, but he did another one too, right?
Quite a few. Gene DeWeese is interesting. His first novel, "Chain of Attack", was the very first ST original novel that many fans read, since it was the first one released after ST IV (and it even kick-started new numbering for Titan Books in UK), so it was heavily promoted and widely available.

Since I'd been keeping pace with all new Pocket releases from way back at "The Entropy Effect", and had plenty to compare it to, I was disappointed with "Chain of Attack" - a bit too techie? - but many people have posted online that it's among their favourites, or at least is significant as their first ST book.

DeWeese's later ST novels are variable. I remember liking "The Peacekeepers", a very early TNG novel, having mixed feelings about "The Final Nexus" (sequel to "Chain of Attack") and really hating the dire "Into the Nebula".

"Engines of Destiny" I quite enjoyed, although another "let's rescue Kirk" novel seemed unneccessary. However, since it had been a "lost" ST novel for many, many years (see Roby's site) - someone only found out about the rejected manuscripts' existence after DeWeese donated his papers to a reference library - so I think I was reading it on several levels, and was rooting for the little novel that finally made it.
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