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Re: Q & A Query (SPOILERS)

Of course I do consider your work, from what I have read and Q-Squared, superb literature, I do find them a lot of fun... Would you say they're bad, though? I think ASHES OF EDEN, SPECTRE and CAPTAIN'S GLORY were particularly good. What do you say?
Like I said, not my thing. *shrug*

PS: I wish THE ART OF THE IMPOSSIBLE was made, in some sort of way. Its THAT good. Then again, if you must know me, I wish all ST novels I have to have been canon. Except for ENGINES OF DESTINY - THAT was dreadful, what do you think?
Well, thanks, but TAOTI would be just about impossible (pardon the pun) to film because the actors are all the wrong ages -- or, in the cases of Mark Lenard and John Colicos, dead. I suppose you could do it as an animated feature, but then you're back to the dead problem with Colicos and Lenard (and yes, I know other people could do Kor and Sarek, and that in fact James Doohan did Kor's voice in "The Time Trap" on TAS, but it just wouldn't be the same).

NOTE: Sorry if I bore you terribly with my questions and all... Its not all that often that I can find a ST writer in these forums... Much less, a good one!
Not bored at all, but there are lots of Trek authors in this forum.....
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