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RAMA said:
trevanian said:
ST-One said:
trevanian said:
The Enterprise in this pic looks like concept art, or a frame from an animatic. l honest to Christ can't figure out why concept art-level work has got so many people excited. If this is actually a final, then it says something about how little visual credibility means to filmgoers. (Unless maybe it looks better in motion? Guess I'll look for the trailer in a couple days and see what the high rez version plays like. Expectation is now low enough that I probably won't spit at the monitor.)
Now, after seeing the HD-teaser, do you still say this looks like an animatic?
I thought the still looked like concept art and wondered if in motion it would look like an animatic; in motion, this looks like a mediocre fx shot more than it looks like an animatic. I guess that is an improvement, but not much IMO.

As usual, I got no clue what you folks are happy about visually. But hey, this is like the Daniel Craig/Casino Royale thing; folks can lap that up all they want, while I will be happy with FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and LICENCE TO KILL. I'll be content with pre-tampered-with TOS eps and TMP and TWOK and TFF.
It look like this teaser had footage filmed JUST for the teaser....but its movie quality FX nevertheless.

"Tampered" with?? How ridiculous...that would assume that TOS, and the original movies had been edited, which they have not. Think with your head....its been 40 years, and we just won't get the same actors in the roles or the same designs. There are few alternatives...if fans want the franchise alive, we'll get a remake, reboot, whatever you want to call it!

And Casino Royale was the best Bond movie in many years!

Perhaps I should have specified ... when I said "tampered with" I was referring to the TOS-R stuff. If you don't consider that to be tampering, that's certainly your right, but don't expect me to follow your line of reasoning, such as it is.

I don't need this 'franchise alive' thing either. As much as I wish there were more FIREFLY or CARNIVALE, I'm happy with what I got, and I treasure that.

Regarding CR ... If killing spies for their cell phones is the height of plotting, it makes you wonder how things were done back in the day when you MEMORIZED important phone numbers ... gee, y'know, they probably still do that rather than put the vital info in the celphone!
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