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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Woulfe said:
Aren't Star Trek fans sick of the "Unwashed Masses" making fun of us after all these years ?
It doesn't really matter who they laugh at. It does matter whether they respond to a Trek movie as visually plausible and emotionally engaging. It matters whether they're intrigued enough to see it and pleased with the experience if they do.

This teaser certainly ought to accomplish the "visual plausibility" factor better than traditional Trek marketing has. Will it intrigue anyone other than the pre-sold? That remains to be seen.

According to the actor who played the welder seen in close-up, almost all of this is green screen (duh). How much of it is CG and how much is model work is undisclosed, but those welders look a lot more like they're walking around on a real big object than, say, Kirk and Decker and company did when they stepped onto the outer hull in ST:TMP - either original or "director's edition."
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