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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

My take on all this stuff....

Had a 100% copy of the TOS ship been in the Teaser....
The "Unwashed Masses" would of LAUGHED at the Teaser....
Aren't Star Trek fans sick of the "Unwashed Masses" makeing fun of us after all these years ?
Why give them even more fuel to fire at us ?
I love the old ship as much as the next person, but lets face it, the "Unwashed Masses" see it as a joke still.
You know it's true, don't fool yourself.
When I saw this teaser at the local theater, not one person laughed, zero, nada, in fact I hear whispers that seem to indicate that these people were curious as to what they just saw, so the teaser did do it's job, yes ?
We need to relize this film isn't being made for us, it's being made for the "Unwashed Masses" so everything isn't going to look like 1966 no matter what.
We can't go home again, ever, for better or worse.
The "Star Wars Fans" would so egg on us if the 1966 version showed up on the big screen in a Star Trek movie made for 2008 and you know they wouldn't let up, ever.
So we're stuck with this from this point forward.
Part of this is Star Trek's fault, had "Enterprise" not looked MORE advanced then the old ship we wouldn't even BE in this situation in the first place, and try as we might we can't decanonize that show, well, except maybe TATV

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* Sorry, someone had to say it, folks *
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