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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

You did not insult her so you need not apologize. Indeed, I was only trying to contextualize my apparent insensitivity to Nimoy. He's a fine actor and I'm a fan.

My opinion vis-a-vis Shatner is a nuanced one. I really think Trek XI would do best to eschew any of the old cast and just start fresh. Barring that, Shatner is no more physically unfit (TNG had a ton of portly flag officers) than Nimoy. Indeed, Shatner carries his weight well and moves like he's in his 50s.

(Of course, Kirk's having died in GEN presents a problem but I say, if they can change pesky things like the design of the Enterprise, they can ignore pesky things like a really bad movie.)

Please do not feel any of the anger I expressed toward another poster here was in any way directed at you. Indeed, this last post of yours had added to my day. Thanks!
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