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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

Brutal Strudel:

honestly, the last thing I want is insult someone important to you. It was a joke. And it was stupid, admittedly so. I actually didn't mean to be taken seriously when I wrote that.

As to your opinion, I think, in all honesty, that insulting anyone for their habits or their weight (and one of my best friends is bulimic and addicted to drugs, so I know where you're coming from) is ridiculous.

I for one am one of the people who does not need Shatner to be in the new movie. That does not mean I don't find it tasteless when people call him fat and say that's the reason he didn't get casted. It is ridiculous. You are right. Because if that were so, you should not cast someone with an alcohol addicton or whatever destructive habit they might have.

Having said that, I disagree on the point that Shatner should have been casted, but it has nothing to do with his age, weight or personality.

I hope this was less stupid and insulting to you. Didn't mean any harm.

Can we agree to disagree on the Shatner thing, then?
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