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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Lord_Schtupp said:
Seriously what's the purpose of Aztecing in the first place, other than it's supposed to make a ship look cool?

If it's the "grain" of the material used to fabricate the hull panels placed in alternating locations for strength then that would be bad from an engineering perspective. An engineer would want the grain to run parallel with the panels and perpendicular to the internal structure for max strength. Its that way in pressurized aircraft design, spacecraft should be likewise. So it cant be that IMO.
It's too regular to be grain anyway, isn't it?

I think of it as some sort of exotic energy dispersion outer layer, 'grown' on top of the hull panels themselves to try and disperse the energy of disruptors/whatever away from the hull. Almost every Starfleet ship that we've seen has one (even the TOS Constitution in IAMD, though it's subtle--and thus, pretty IMO), so it has to serve some purpose.

Artistically, I'll take it over Star Wars/BSG-style hull detailing. While I feel that the aztecing on this ship is a bit too high-contrast for my tastes, I much prefer it to what I was half-afraid of: an Enterprise with a Star Destroyer type greeble-coated hull.
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