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Re: Galaxy Class Starships 20 years later. What changes Occu

I always wondered why they left the yard without warp for the saucer... maybe with the Cardassian stuff going on and a fear of further escalation it was decided to put several units out there as a show of force without fully installing everything and going through extended testing.

I gather that from the several lines of dialog about possible design flaws with the ship.

It could be that some of the hypothetical empty space in the saucer could be used to mount a small low-power warp-core, additional dedicated antimatter pods and an expanded deuterium tank (same one the impulse engines feed off of.) Instead of a retractable nacelle system I'd do the KISS approach of embedded coils near the outer rim of the saucer or possibly in a raised "hump" in line with the impulse engine.

Even better. You draw plasma from the impulse drives and inject it into a secondary reaction chamber where it interacts with incoming antimatter and crystal and the resulting product is piped to the warp coils in the hump...

I need a good top-down view of the E-D saucer so I can sketch this out...
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