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Re: Q & A Query (SPOILERS)

Not having read the book, but intending of buying it very soon, can you say, as spoiler-free as you can, if you, somewhat, explained the Trelane-q issue? Q-Squared is considered impossible to have happened for the Trelane issue and all...
While many things were explained in this novel, that was not one of them. Basically I wanted to make sure to make at least a passing reference to all the Q stories on television and in prose, but some of the references were very passing indeed, including the one to Trelane. (Christopher, you did, in fact, miss it -- it's on page 122 in the fifth interlude.)

Whats your opinion on Q-Squared, btw?
Enjoyed the heck out of it. Good romp.

Also, I haven't checked the VOY-Kirk story, but I am sure you did. Is it worth tracking down? I'm a Kirk fan, and would like to see if there's any chance for a Kirk-Q interaction.
I have no idea what you're talking about....

I am concerned, though, if it'd temper with continuity... Is it, you know, impropable to have happened, as a tale?
Pretty improbable, yeah, but it's not meant to be taken in the least bit seriously.
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