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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

PKTrekGirl said:
DeafPoet said:
Roxana said:

2) He's flawed. But so are we all. That's the joy of humanity. Shatner/Kirk CARED. That counts for a lot.
I think you may be confusing Shatner with Kirk here. Shatner's performance was sure as hell flawed, as intensely enjoyable as it was to watch.

There's almost nothing about Kirk that's flawed. The guy's the quintessential boy scout.
I wasn't aware of the fact that 'quintessential boy scouts' were notorious and incorrigible womanizers.

Clearly, I was in the WRONG Brownie troop.
Listen to me kiddo, Jim Kirk was many things but he was never a boyscout. - Carol Marcus.

.. just had too.
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