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Re: Galaxy Class Starships 20 years later, What changes Occu

SquigglyFM, I laughed my ass off at that picture.

I think you're misunderstanding the reason why *I* like the AGT Refit.

It's not because it has a *gee whiz kewl* extra nacelle, which "naturally makes it go *like, infinity + 1 fast*.

No no no. The reason I like it is because (like many others have said as well) I do find the Galaxy Class to be very top heavy. It looks like it needs bottom mass to look even.

Adding that extra nacelle, at least to my eyes, adds that needed bottom mass, so the ship looks more symmetrical, in a sense.

The cannon doesn't bother me, since the Galaxy isn't known as a really powerful warship, but the cannon gives it that battle edge it needs. I could live without it though.

I definitely don't like the antennae on the top, I could certainly do without those. Overall I like the upgrade though.
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