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Just a few thoughts concerning the teaser trailer and previous rumors:

1701 built on the ground - takes off on a big track mounted rocket sled up the side of a mountain (think Fireball XL5)

Rotating nacelle rumor - teaser "nacelles" actually take-off jets with big turbines

1701 with wings - well, you need something to fly with once off the launch ramp.

different upper saucer profile - aero-cladding that is jettisoned above atmosphere with the jets and wings (think Lost in Space remake) - as this happens, a bridge shot shows the crew removing launch jump-suits to reveal "The Cage" style pyjama top uniforms in all their ill-fitting glory as all the bridge stations fold and invert out of launch mode into familiar plywood and plastic 60's iconic styles.

What remains is the good ol' pilot style 1701 with it's big arse bridge dome, minus the nacelles, which are waiting in spacedock with great big spikes on the bussard domes.

Everyone happy now? If so, my work here is done.
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