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Re: Teaser online in better format

This has got to be the most inefficient shipyard in existence! Do you mean to tell me that they haul every individual plate out there by hand, one at a time? No carts, no nothin'? If they beam the stuff out there, why can't they just beam it into place, with some sort of self-bonding agent, so they don't need to weld it? Besides, I just can't buy that that far in the future, we'll be welding these things, anyway - adhesives, nanotech weaving, you name it - not welding.

Also, that must be one hell of a strong neck to support the entire saucer in one G - where is the cradle? Or do we assume that they're using anti-gravity to held it up at the same time they're using gravity to walk around on and in it?

Nice shots, tho
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