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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

CommanderRaytas said:
Brutal Strudel said:
CommanderRaytas said:
I don't get why just because people say stupid things about Shatner, it becomes necessary to insult Nimoy. Sorry, I just don't see the logic behind that (to use the magic word, but it's true).

And I agree with monetteman on all points.

And btw, I'd have alcohol over food any day. Must be a matter of perspective.


On a more serious note, I don't think that Shatner's being a bit chubby has anything to do with him not being in this movie.
Pointing out shallow hypocrisy on the part of the Shat bashers by illustrating a double standard is most logical. And, cute as your little aside regarding food and booze may seem, it obviously is not true since you have not died.
Friend, this is only a message board. Now whatever experiences you have made with drinking might be tragic, but it's not my problem and I don't care. Like you don't care about my personal woes- and frankly, you shouldn't.

Besides I got what you were trying to say, I just felt you are over reacting and taking this way too seriously. And I don't think it's logical, it's that old "you insult mine, so I'll insult yours".

Calm down. You're too sensitive.
I have no need to calm down as there was nothing incendiary in my response to you. I merely responded to what you were saying.

BTW, have you stuck up for Shatner on any of the numerous occasions he's been insulted? If you have, you have room to criticize. If not, I'll ask the question I've asked you before: why does Nimoy's ruinous indulgence get a free pass where Shatner's doesn't? (And please refrain from a frat style "yeeeah-yuh, booze!" if you wish to be taken seriously.) It's not a matter of sensitivity, it's a matter of honesty and intellectual integrity, two things in short supply on this board.

But I've made my point and I'll lay off Len--my best friend is an alcoholic and an anorectic. I love her drunk or sober, chunky or thin. I also love the performances turned in by Shatner and Nimoy over the years and I feel that, if we must have Nimoy in this film, we should also have Shatner. It'll run like a car with a flat without him.
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