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Re: Q & A Query (SPOILERS)

Does Q&A reference (directly or not) other Q appearences? Like in "Q-Squared", for example.
All of them, in fact.

Also, KRAD, whats your opinion on the Q novels? Particularly the ones by Peter David?
I don't think there's a Q story out there I don't like, because even the worst Q story has Q in it, and is therefore tons o' fun. Having said that, I'm particularly fond of Q-in-Law, and I think Peter's take on the character is excellent.

Also, what do you make of of the "Spock vs. Q" series?
I actually had the privilege of seeing Nimoy and deLancie perform this live at a Slanted Fedora convention in 2001, and it was fantastic. The audios don't do it justice really. It works a thousand times better live....
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