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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

Starship Polaris said:
Over at, Orci has responded to the question of Pine doing the " frontier" line by saying that it would have been presumptious to have done that before Pine has "proven himself" to the audience.
He really said that? I can't find it. If so, now that IS a slight.

It's interesting that Shatner has wormed his way into the discussion. I didn't mean not using Kirk was a slight to him at all. Just Kirk. As someone posted way upstream, you can't slight fictional characters, but whatever. Certain characters do take "ownership" of certain quotes and tag lines. Despite delivering it in TWOK, "Space, the final frontier...," is no more Spock's than Kennedy's line is LBJ's or Armstrong's line is Aldrin's.

Having Kirk (Pine) say it in a confident, commanding voice might have conveyed the energy, promise, and ultimate fulfillment of space exploration that the teaser is trying to evoke. Instead, Nimoy sounded old and tired. [I'm prepared to accept a bombardment of rocks and garbage for that last thought, but it's just my observation.]
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