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Re: McCoy's knowledge of Klingon anatomy

That sounds plausible. But Klingons would probably be extremely paranoid about such things...

Overall, I think the "Meyerisms" in ST6:TUC flow quite naturally from the TOS precedent. While some things like McCoy's inability to treat an alien may look like anachronisms or atrekisms to an audience that has also seen the spinoff shows and read the books, those things also nicely reflect the original 1960s thinking. The TOS heroes weren't very open-minded, they didn't have multiple proficiencies or (save for Spock) superpowers, and in most respects, they treated Klingons like the average American officer would regard the Soviets at the time. Meyer just brought the (2200)sixties to the (2200)eighties and nineties, where they fit like a groovy, campy glove.

Timo Saloniemi
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