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I love the idea people still hold (or should that be delusion) that this Enterprise will come before the Cage so it fits in with 'canon'

With the entire TOS crew being cast in this movie how can there be any doubt that some part (if not alot/most/all) of this film be set on Kirks Enterprise with Kirk in command, Sulu at the helm ect and this new ship will be THE ship.

For me if this happens I will deal with it as from the start Ive been able to comprehend a reality where TOS and Star Trek can coexist but not have to fit together. If this comes to pass though I feel sorry for those of you who have break downs over it...after all its a TV show (or in this case movie)

I just wanna see more and dont care how it fits into canon or if it does at all (the story will explain how where and why) I just want to see more of a new version of my favourite ship...a new version of THE ship not some prettender with an A, B, C, D or E!
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