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Re: Breen Attack on Earth

Oh, I did. Quality work there, quite gripping. As opposed to Eleven Hours Out I daresay...

A couple of nits: if San Francisco really was deprived of defenses, how come the city was barely pockmarked? That's the main inconsistency that the canon story throws at us: San Francisco is not a mile-deep crater slowly filling with water but merely looks as if a WWII bomber formation flew over it.

Perhaps it would be better to write that San Francisco was the most fiercely defended of all the targets, but also the one hardest hit. The outcome: pockmarks, because the defenses were so darn good.

Also, at that date, wouldn't Dukat be completely cuckoo and playing mind games with Kai Winn on Bajor? You'd probably want to use Damar as the main Cardassian, and some one-off extra or rarely mentioned side character as the cabbagehead.

Timo Saloniemi
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