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Re: Teaser a Slight to Kirk?

Starship Polaris said:
Brutal Strudel said:
Pointing out shallow hypocrisy on the part of the Shat bashers by illustrating a double standard is most logical.
Actually,it's not. It's just more playground stuff - usually referred to as "You're Another!"
You know, of late, I've been trying to show you respect and the benefit of the doubt but this tears it. HOW DARE YOU play holier than thou when you just opened a thread (promptly closed) obviously intended to point out how "unfit" Shatner is to play the part? Jesus Christ, Dennis, I remember the tissue thin arguments you made when I pointed out that

A. Flag officers often tend to the portly in RL and
B. Fans noted as early as 1982 that Nimoy was visibly too old to play a long lived Vulcan

and now you pull this "I'm so much more enlightened than you" shit? This weaselly "if I pitch my schoolyard taunts at a high enough level of pseudo-intellectual deniability, no one can call me on it" horseshit?

Cary was right. You, sir, are a mendacious lightweight.

Mods, I'll kindly take my warning now.
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