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Re: Shatner as Kirk is Too Fucking Cool! Good Luck, Pine!

Samuel T. Cogley said:
You want to run right up to your computer screen (because your piece of shit DVD player crapped out on you in the middle of a an episode of "Oz" and you are forced to use the DVD player on your computer) and kiss Kirk right on the lips even though you are not gay. He is so fucking cool that he brings you right up to the line of straight and gay and makes you lift one leg over to the gay side of the line and get your big toe really close to touching the gay side but still keeping your other foot firmly planted on the straight side, and if your friends weren't around, you might even consider jumping all the way over to the gay side of the line for just a millisecond and then jumping back over to the straight side and then washing your feet in scalding water, just in case.
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