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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

...saw the teaser last night and liked it. But with no way to know if it'll be in the film [or when it'll be presented as] there's not much reason for hysteria yet IMHO.

Personally I always expected an "updated" look...

What will make this movie a success from the studio's perspective [which is all that matters as far as getting more Trek in the near future] are box office numbers which will necessitate getting a lot of non-Trekfen to go -- a lot more of them thean there are of us hard-cores. And they will not care that the ship looks a little different -- they'll recognize the shape, say "oh, that looks cool" to themselves, and move on to the story and whether or not Pine and Quinto et al do a good job. If it and they are good, the film will do well and be a success. If not, even resurrecting the model out of the Smithsonian wouldn't help.

It's fun [in a sad sort of way] to watch you guys run in circles and flap your arms, but it really doesn't affect much and arguing about the ship as if the fate of the movie depended on it frankly makes me giggle.
This is all inside-the-Beltway stuff. If we were a network we'd be CSPAN.
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