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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

TheMacMan said:
trevanian said:
Trekker4747 said:
Does anyone else wonder why they're finishing the interiror when they've not yet completed the exterior and why they've already painted on the hull markings before they've even finished building the damn thing?
It's an idiotTrek tradition, like why they have decorative art in the refit before they've even TESTED the engines at warp power. And let's not even get started on the EnterpriseTues-B ...
Well, when you consider that the fabricated parts are probably replicated, why not replicate the livery on them, so as soon as they're installed, you don't have to paint but the seams after they're welded.
Got the wrong tech for the century, there, doncha? Except for possibly having some little food replimat thing, the whole replication shtick (which probably did as much to ruin trek for me as anything, given the somethingfornothing/magicboxtech is murder on drama) is ModernTrek century 24 stuff, not TOS era. Unless you want to retcon everything, at which point I bow out gracefully ...
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