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Time Travel method in Trek XI- possible

SO I was surfing this afternoon, just me alone with my thoughts and the waves. I was thinking about Star Trek and something Robert Orci said about time travel in the film. He said the it would not be the Guardian of Forever, but something fans would get and understand.

About that moment a large wave loomed before me and I got into position, the wave hit me with such force and propelled me with such speed that I almost fell off, but managed to reposition myslef and stand up. Thats when it hit me......The famous Slingshot Effect. Yes the method of time travel used in Trek IV, and some TOS episodes.

Could it be? Would there be any offense to cannon? What if a aged Spock desperate to get back in time, used this method? It makes sense as it is a "logical" method that even he himself knows works. What do you all think?
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