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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

They made minor cosmetic changes to the ship, all of which seem to make the ship look better and more realistic.

I fail to see what some of you are complaining about, unless you're freaking out over the fact that they're building the ship. Either a) this is a way for them to show us the ship's updated design while making a clever nod towards its (and the film's) unfinished state, or b) they disregarded the idea that April captains the NCC-1701, "hands" it to Pike, who then "hands" it to Kirk.

If b) is true, this affects only two live-action episodes (the "Menagerie" duo) and an animated episode. It's not as though they forgot Pike existed - Greenwood's in the movie for a reason.

If they really are disregarding this fact, I can't say I care much. Until I hear and see otherwise, I'm assuming that there's a valid story-based reason for not respecting that element of the franchise's history (and that's assuming that they aren't respecting it). I am glad that the creators are willing to make changes to an established formula, particularly if they place a higher emphasis on telling a story than sticking to every established detail. I don't mind seeing changes and re-interpretations; I don't expect to see a perfect replication of the Bard's intentions when I go to see one of Shakespeare's plays. You may feel differently; if so, I suggest enjoying the Trek that already exists (rather than complaining about something you wouldn't see as "true Trek" anyway); one wastes time for all involved, while the other allows you to spend your time enjoyably.
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