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Re: Here it is! (The Teaser from Cloverfield)

I think that he's trying to say that "Cloverfield" pulled in an estimated amount that's roughly twice its budget. The mathematical comparison isn't perfect, so the point doesn't work very well. Also, the original poster was stating that he/she would be happy if the new Trek movie pulled in $40+ million on its opening weekend, so the comparison misunderstands the intent behind the comment as well.

Saw it, liked it (for what it was), and feared that the board would be a circle-jerk of negativity by now because the font on the ship is similar to the "Enterprise" credit font, or for some other equally mundane reason. I'm very glad to see my fears were unjustified!

I'm also glad the film will have less competition around the holidays (thanks to the rescheduling of other movies and its own shifted release date). If Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and Co. are trying to rope in casual viewers as well as die-hards, the schedule changes should help.
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