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Re: Breen Attack on Earth

Mistral said:
Dear Neb,
So G is Planck's Constant? I'm sorry, I'm not a mathematician, perhaps you could lay out the equation for the effect on a stationary gravitational body produced by the initiation of a static warp bubble within effective proximity.I missed it in those equations.Oh, wait, no one has even come up with the theory for a static warp bubble-or functioning FTL practices in any way, shape, or form. If you do-LET ME KNOW! I wanna go on the first trip.
We've seen that: In ``Remember Me'' a static warp bubble is created in a space station in low orbit of a Class M planet. This is such an unexceptional and difficulty-free problem that a high school student is allowed to fiddle with it in his spare time. And the results of that bubble are so unnoticed that neither the starship in which it was created nor the space station in which it resides detected it until they returned looking very specifically for a trivially faint effect and trusted mostly to hope. We may therefore conclude that the interactions between static warp bubbles and gravitational fields are utterly minor, very predictable things.

By the way, what's got you worked up about static warp bubbles? What have they got to do with, well, anything, but particularly with the alleged difficulties of managing to shoot something in sight with a weapon that goes in a straight line at very high speeds?
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