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trevanian said:
Wow, is that a real interview? That's some far-out reasoning and justificating (yeah, I know that ain't a word, but I guess I have 'creative license' the same as the next guy.)

If they've put that much ... I guess you'd call it 'thought' ... into this gravity well/warp calibration thing, it must be a plot point. Otherwise, you'd be thinking they were only coming up with these remarks to deflect complaints that they were pulling this stuff out of their nether regions .... oops!
Roddenberry, Jefferies, and Justman also put a lot of thought into many of the technological aspects of Star Trek that never made it to the Big screen or the small screen as "plot Points".

Most big Star Trek fans embrace this attention to detail, but you seem to not want Abrams and co. to have the same attention to detail.

Here's the way I see some of the complaining fans:

Roddenberry's attention to detail: "brilliant! He built an entire universe in which to tell his stories.

Abrams attention to detail: "he's backpedelling and deflecting complaints."
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