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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Arlo said:
foravalon said:
I don't think anything in it should be taken any more seriously than the First Contact trailer showing a giant Borg ship in the shape the Starfleet logo. It looks to be just one big titillating pun.
Can we have this somehow plastered at the top of every forum page so people stop trotting out "OH NOES, WTF WELDARS IN THE 24th CNETARY WTF!?!?ONEONE!?!"
You don't have to freak out dude, seriously take a breath.

All I'm saying is nothing in the preview really makes any in-story sense. Why would they be building the 1701 from scratch given the likely time-frame of the story? Why would they have hull insignia and detailing applied when they don't even have the structure completed? What possible reason would they have for building such massive elements on the surface only to have to haul them up into orbit? Surely the complexity of such an effort of just doing that would outweigh any benefits of building on the surface. It all just seems too silly to be so straight-forward. I'm sorry if that thought gives you conniptions.
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