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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Those Nacelles do have many similar elements to Gabe's. They aren't the same ones, but they really look based on his. Of course, the perspective is so screwed up in that trailer shot it's hard to do a good comparison.

Regarding the redesign, and all:

I don't think that changing the design of the Enterprise itself is needed. The designers are not going to be turned into 'copy-machines' by keeping it's design. This is a big budget movie. There are going to be dozens of new ships and locations for the designers to build from scratch. No one can tell me that not changing this one ship design is going to put anyone out of a job. They chose to call their movie "Star Trek", no one forced them to.

This new ship is ok and all. But it just looks like...the cook that couldn't stop decorating the cake and ended up with 4 feet of frosting on it. It's not a huge tragedy or anything, but it is a bit annoying.
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