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Re: series 6,, what will it be like

Dayton3 said:
JayTheTrekkie said:
Since I mentioned Enterprise C in my post there...would that as a series do well?
It could.

Though we know the ship really goes down at Narendra in 2044 or so, it could've been in service for a decade or more before that.
WTF! the Ent-C goes down at Nerendra before the 3rd world war, before warp is developed and before first contact with the Vulcans?

Dont you mean 2344?

USS KG5 said:

2) A series set on a new class of starship exploring the Gamma Quadrant and exploring the new relationship between the Federation and the Dominion.

3) A series set in the mid 2370's devoted entirely to a Sovereign Class Starship during the Dominion War.
OK - we will never see any trek on television again referring as anything except trivia to Deep Space Nine. I love the show but pretty much everyone who watched it posts here and that colours the true public perception of the show, typical conversation: -

Dude 1: "I like deep Space Nine"
Dude 2: "That the cheesy one?"
Dude 1: "No thats the original series"
Dude 2: "Oh - is that the bald guy then?"
Dude 1: "No, its the one with the arcs and the war, the Dominion etc"
Dude 2: "..."
Dude 1: "The black guy, its the one with the black guy.."
Dude 2: "Oh I saw that once, I didnt like it.."
Are you crazy!!! everybody loves DS9!!! Its the best series out of them all!!!
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