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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Arlo said:
Aside from the cowl (which I'm not even that sure of is actually a cowl; foreshortening of the movie still suggests it could be near the length of the whole nacelle, not just the front), I see no similarity, sorry. And the Bussard mechanisms? There have been so many variants of that thing, it's something of an inside joke at this board. The "dual pinwheel" effect, I'm rather certain, has been done before.

This is true. The "cowl" is the only part of the thing that seems similar to Gabe's, and as you say it's difficult to tell that based on a single angle shot. There's not a close resemblance between these blades and the effect on Gabe's (no closer than to the original, which they're both derived from) unless, as suggested, they look similar in motion - and we have no way of knowing that at this point.
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