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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

foravalon said:
I should have revised my wording, it's not precise, but "They're both roughly tube shaped, ...that's where the similarities break down." is way off too.

The new nacelles have those cowls, a feature not seen on any previous designs of the Enterprise except for Gabe's .

The mechanisms inside the Nacelle caps also appear to each have at least two different spinning apparatus, which if that is the case, likely means that they will spin in opposing directions, (why would you have one pinwheel on top of another one if they're just going to spin in the same direction?). The dual pinwheels spinning in opposite directions is also a feature unique to Gabe's design if you've seen his animations.

Obviously it's hard to tell from this one static image but denying at least those design aspects is just silly.

It might be something new, in fact I'm hoping that it is, but it's certainly not something old that we've seen before, and the design elements which can be seen in the shot certainly have been seen before in Gabe's work.
Aside from the cowl (which I'm not even that sure of is actually a cowl; foreshortening of the movie still suggests it could be near the length of the whole nacelle, not just the front), I see no similarity, sorry. And the Bussard mechanisms? There have been so many variants of that thing, it's something of an inside joke at this board. The "dual pinwheel" effect, I'm rather certain, has been done before.

Anyway, this is nitpicking. I'll happily eat my words in one year, but I really don't get a vibe that this thing is cribbed from Gabe.
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