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Poll: What was the Hottest Look for Terry Farrell?

This took long enough, didn't it?

The winning look here will go up against Nana Visitor's winning look (Commander Kira season seven) and the winning look in the forthcoming Nicole de Boer poll...

Jadzia season one [BELOW]:

Jadzia season two [BELOW]:

Jadzia season three [BELOW]:

Jadzia in “The Search” [BELOW]:

‘Hair Down’ Jadzia in “Equilibrium” [BELOW]:

Mirror Jadzia in “Through the Looking Glass” [BELOW]:

Jadzia season four [BELOW]:

Honey Bare in “Our Man Bashir” [BELOW]:

Honey Bare [alternate] in “Our Man Bashir” [BELOW]:

Mirror Jadzia in “Shattered Mirror” [BELOW]:

Jadzia in “The Quickening” [BELOW]:

Jadzia season five ‘old’ uniform [BELOW]:

Jadzia in “Trials and Tribble-ations” [BELOW]:

Jadzia season five new uniform [BELOW]:

Jadzia season six [BELOW]:

Jadzia in “You are Cordially Invited” [BELOW]:

Darlene Kursky in “Far Beyond the Stars” [BELOW]:
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