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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Cary L. Brown said:
Starship Polaris said:
Addy said:
No, it's a fine analogy because the 23rd century is as much a real time period in Star Trek's universe as the 1970s are in our universe.
There is only one known Universe, one known physical reality.

It's the one we live in and are part of.

"Star Trek" takes place in a fictional continuity. For shorthand it's referred to as a "universe." The word usage does not signify that it exists on the same terms as or is equivalent in any way to what we call the Universe.

The phrase "a real time period in Star Trek's universe" is self-contradictory nonsense and drivel.

Any attempt to equate Trek's continuity with reality is logically absurd, untenable and unworthy of respect as a foundation for reasoning. And that is what "it's real in Trek's universe" does.
Must you ALWAYS INSULT OTHER PEOPLE, "Oh Great and Mighty Dennis?"

Seriously... you just insulted him. BADLY. You may think it's "kewl" for you to attack others...and we all know that there are people here, because you had a hand in one of the most God-awful episodes of TNG ("Tin Man") would gladly lick the soles of your feet... but you have NO RIGHT to attack people the way that you do.

I know that this will get me a dozen or so "report to mod" clicks from your "fan club" on here... I don't really care. Because you need to get called on the carpet for it. Your arrogant, insulting response to that post was totally unacceptable, and only a total prick would have done that. You owe an apology. I'm sure that you won't GIVE one... but you still owe it.
Well, Cary, you were right - it does get you a warning for flaming.

OTOH, Starship Polaris, if you can't be respectful of others - and let's face it, you do do this stuff all the time, across the entire BBS - then don't bother posting in these threads. It's possible to disrupt the discussion without breaking the rules, and you've refined it to an art. It's not necessary, though, and it's definitely not welcome. Keep the snide subtexts to yourself.
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