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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

KRAD said:
Kobayashi Maru, now there's a snappy title. I wonder why noone ever thought of it before.

So what happens to the original novel. Does it get decanonated or somefing?

The Trek Lit squad go from house to house throughout the world, seeking all copies of Kobayashi maru by Julia Ecklar, taking it by force if necessary, and have a great big bonfire in front of the Brandenberg Gate.

This is hardly the first title duplication in Star Trek history: Requiem, Triangle, Enterprise, Honor Bound, First Contact, Reunion, Perchance to Dream, Final Frontier......
Ahh, KRAD, now you're spoiling it. Next you'll tell us that the mutiple Doctor Who episodes called (the) Rescue, (the) Invasion, etc etc don't drive you into a fannish frenzy of confusion...
PS: You didn't mention Emissary/The Emissary ;-)
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