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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Cary L. Brown said:
Vance said:
It's kind of funny. On its own merits, it's not bad (though the perspective seems off, too scrunched from front to back) and might look good on the big screen. It does look like it'll be a 'new' TOS enterprise, stuck between ENT and TMP rather than on its own, but that's to be expecting.

What's amusing though, is that on the other hand, this shot probably guarantees that the movie will bomb, for precisely the same reason.
HuH? Please expand on that...
Well, it is an odd-numbered[/i] Star Trek....

Vance said: many OTHER science fiction icons are there that are so definitive? Not that many.. the Death Star, the Falcon.. and.. that's about the list.

I'd have to say the X-wing, and the TARDIS figure pretty prominently in there, if not here in the States then certainly in the UK.

Unfortunately, upon re-looking at Gabe's Enterprise and the view we have here of the new ship, the nacelles look precisely like Gabe's, but hopefully I'm wrong. No offense to Gabe intended, I think the work he's done is beautiful, but I'm also a purist Canon Trek Junkie and I don't feel very comfortable with this decision if it has been made. But hey, if the movie turns out to be Really good, well, forgiveness is easier to get from me than permission.
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