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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

...but this film gets made in our universe and not in the Star Trek one so in the universe, in which the film gets made, the 2260ies aren't real.

Forbin, no 60 seconds was contemporary, what i wanted to show is, that this car is supposed to be a classic from 30 years ago in that film, yet they couldn't let it stand as it was but felt the need to "sex it up" for the 1998(?) audience, which is what seems to have happened to our favourite starship.

That most of us here would prefer to see the ship exactly as it appeared in "The Cage" does not change the fact, that the creatives behind that movies felt, that the "general audience" would not accept a 40 year old design in the film and that they had to ""improve"" it.
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