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It just seems that Trek fans are arguing over the dumbest things these days. It is obvious from the trailer that they aren't going to be doing anything we have seen before. This is a new take on the original series but still honoring the basic premise of the series. Just like the origin story of Batman has been told many times, same with Superman, etc. Even the last James Bond movie went back to basics.

I guess Star Trek is at the point where Bond was when Sean left the role.

Yes, I will admit it would have been really cool to see the original design of the Enterprise on the big screen, same with the retro sets from the series. As we have seen on DS9 and Enterprise, the sets still work, with a few updates.

This movie isn't really being made primarily for the original series generation, but to re-introduce Star Trek to a new generation of fans, who may not know who Kirk and Spock are and to re-energize a franchise that was buried into the ground by modern trek.

The makers of Casino Royale didn't set the series back in the 60's pre- Dr. No. They told the story from the present day while still honoring the bond legend.

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