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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

I'm convinced the whole teaser sequence is not going to be in the finished film, just for the trailer only. It's been done before, and recently. ILM did a BEAUTIFUL fly-by of Iron Man for that film's trailer, admitting the shot wasn't in the film, just done for the trailer (they say BETTER stuff is actually in the film *drool drool*) As far as the design, I think it's OK so far, but I've only seen 15% of the ship. Let's not get too hasty until we've seen the whole thing. I must admit, though, she DOES look like a technical progression from ENTERPRISE, which is OK for me (I'm a season 3-4 fan). I'm one of the wackos that thinks ENTERPRISE veered into an alternate timeline because of the temporal Cold War, so, I'm thinking that this film is TOS-alternate. This especially makes sense if one knows of the involvement of Nimoy's Spock and what he does in this film. (speculation) I see some tips of the hat to Mr. Probert so far and that makes me happy.
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