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Re: Star Trek Teaser - Grading and Disscusion

Sharr Khan said:
Kryton said:
Sharr Khan said:
The dedication plaque specifically says it was built in San Francisco.
When I was younger that plaque really confused me since well I guess I assumed: "Its a starship, it must have been built in space - yet San Francisco is a on Earth. Why would they call orbital facilities 'San Fransisco shipyards'? Given there is such a place." it always seemed contradictory to me.

To me the rational that they built drydocks and called them "San Fransisco Shipyards" is really stretching it. If the plaque was meant to say: "San Fransisco orbital shipyards" it would - but I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

If the shipyard is in geosynchronous orbit directly above Frisco, I don't see a problem in the least.
Then it should follow that the plaque would saying something about orbital shipyards - it doesn't.

It just seems pointless to call another location "San Fran shipyards" when indeed there is in reality such a place and extend logic to make sure there's another place in space by the same name.

Not if it is shorthand. Saying something was built in Sol system doesn't mean it was built on the sun, just someplace in the system. San Fran could be short for San Fran Orbital Yard.

The dock, in GR's TMP-era concept, WAS in synchronous orbit about SF, at least according to Probert and I think Sackett, but it doesn't LOOK that way because the Earth would be too small in frame, so they resized the image to make it look good while still thinking it was geosync.

Also: saying 'orbital yards' might seem redundant by then, if you proceed from the assumption that everything had been getting built up there for the previous hundred or hundredfifty years (which was the notion with the TMP drydock, that it was a very OLD structure, but one flexible to keep in service, and would contrast visually with the newness of the refit's paint job); just like saying spacedock, when of course the thing is in space. Bennett seemed to have a real case of the 'space-ies" what with space doors and spacedocks.
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