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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Ptrope said:

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this - and I'm famous for my automotive analogies . Why couldn't Kirk first encounter a carbon copy - or at least a ship that is clearly the original ship and not simply based upon its silhouette? When we talk about automotive analogies, I'd go with the new Dodge Challenger more than the Camaro - the 2008 has nearly every line of the 1970 original in evidence, and yet not one single line is common between the two cars; they've managed to make a clean, modern car without abandoning what made the original a classic, retaining the details in spirit even though they don't actually match the original blueprints. This is what I love about Vektor's latest model of Enterprise: it's clearly the original ship, not the motion picture version, not a BSG version, nor anything else, even though it probably doesn't share a single line or contour with the TV model.

The new 2008 Camaro is a TMP Enterprise, and from what I see in this one shot of the 2008 Enterprise, it is, too. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - the TMP ENT was my favorite version of the Gray Lady until last week. But I disagree with any assertion that the real, original design of the ship is somehow implausible in this day and age and on the big screen; it just needs a little tweaking, not reimagining.
I should have phrased that better.

Let's say a movie was made this year, but set in 1970. One of the characters gets his first car, and it happens to be a Dodge Challenger.

However, instead of the 1970 model, in its place they use the 2008 model.

The argument: "The new Challenger has the same lines as the original, but it's more modern for a 2008 audience."

Is that more clear?
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