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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

The Laughing Vulcan said:
Mother! Mother! They're taking me seriously again!
"Use more smilies son..."
I knew you were joking, or at least I hoped you were, but you do have a knack of making yourself sound miserable in your posts, which is so at odds with your nick and piccy.

I recall some of the first title duplications in Star Trek (novel titles that had already been episodes and vice versa), and my concern about possible confusion. Titles can mean a lot to the person developing/writing a story, and I've now met a lot of non ST pro authors who'll mention either their thrill of getting to keep a particular title, or the battle that went on when marketing tried to change it.

It seems such an arbitrary thing to an outsider, to simply say to an author, "You can't have that title; it's already been used." But when you're intrinsically linked to a certain title, it's not necessarily easy to let it go.

A "Bonanza" friend of mine reckons that, in its long run of fourteen years, one episode title was used three times.
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