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Re: I don't want Star Trek XI without the Shat

^ As I said, the memory span of a flea.

Yeah, that was me. Although you never know in a 'list' thread like that just how big of a classic film fan people are. There are probably more than a few people in threads like that who can list their ten favorite classic films....out of the twelve they have actually seen. So I tend apply the 'grain of salt' filter to anything I read in threads like that.

Not to derail this thread (too much)...but have you seen most of Cary Grant's films? I'm a classic film collector, and IMO, some of his funniest films are among the earlier ones that are kinda hard to find unless you are really paying attention or know where to look.

And are you just into Cary Grant, or are there other stars from the golden age that you like?

I think Cary Grant is hilarious and so many of his films are top-notch...he's probably in my top 5 - 7 actors from back then. But my favorite is Gary Cooper. I just love him.
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